Two more coaches are expected to leave the Patriots staff this offseason

Washington Football Team v New England Patriots
Washington Football Team v New England Patriots / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The significant changes to the Patriots staff continue this week, as a report late on Sunday night revealed Steve Belichick was leaving the team after 12 years. He has served multiple roles since joining the staff under his dad, with his most recent position being the defensive playcaller.

Although turnover was expected this offseason with the departure of Bill Belichick last month, the thought was Steve would join him wherever he wound up for the 2024 season. But because it looks like he will have to sit out another year until a new head coach vacancy opens up, Steve will be moving to the Pacific Northwest to join the University of Washington's staff as the defensive coordinator.

And apparently, he won't be the only New England staffer leaving for the school.

Running backs coach Vinnie Sunseri will also be joining the Huskies, accepting a job as their next defensive backs coach. After serving as a graduate assistant at Alabama, the 30-year-old began working for the Patriots in 2020 as a defensive coaching assistant. Over the next three seasons, he worked with Ivan Fears as the running backs coach until Fears retired, taking over the role last year.

Now, Jerod Mayo will have two more staff spots to fill, which he hoped to avoid this offseason. Reports indicated he extended offers to both Belichick sons, Brian and Steve, to remain with the team in their roles or even promotions, but clearly, one is ready to move on.

We await to see what Brian ultimately decides, and if he leaves, Mayo will have even more problems to deal with as they prepare for free agency and the draft over the next two months. Hopefully, if the other Belichick decides to leave, the Patriots will have more success in replacing him than they did with finding an offensive coordinator because that started to become more concerning with double-digit interviews and weeks of indecision.

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