Trouble with receivers in Denver may provide trade opportunity for Patriots

Cleveland Browns v Denver Broncos
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The start of the 2024 offseason has been quite the whirlwind for the Patriots, kicking off with Bill Belichick departing the team after 24 years and former linebacker Jerod Mayo almost immediately succeeding him. It was a mix of emotions for the fans, but the new head coach began his tenure saying all the right things and instilling excitement back into New England.

That excitement grew after hearing what presumed new general manager Eliot Wolf had to say about the team's new approach to free agency and the draft, providing hope to the fans that this year would be far different from what they've become accustomed to.

Everything looked to be going in the right direction, especially since they were set to have some of the most cap space available to spend. But after the fallout of this past week with nearly all of the front-running free agent targets being franchise-tagged or re-signed, it feels like the Patriots might be back at square one.

Only a few receivers remain who could be worth pursuing, mainly Calvin Ridley. The Patriots' plans for Mike Evans and Tee Higgins have been erased, and they will be forced to go all out for Ridley or get one of the best receivers in this year's draft class.

But there is another option to explore: a trade.

That is how many of the top-performing teams have gotten their best pass catchers in recent years: the Eagles with A.J. Brown, the Bills with Stefon Diggs, and the Dolphins with Tyreek Hill. It might be what New England has to do to get the player they need, and fortunately for them; new speculation suggests two more receivers may be on the trade block next week.

The Broncos continue to make big moves this season and are rumored to dangle two of their best offensive weapons on the trade market

Sean Payton appears to be on a path of cleaning house in Denver, starting with the release of Russell Wilson. He is now rumored to possibly make Jerry Jeudy and Courtland Sutton available for trade, which should spark the Patriots' interest enough to make the call.

It's no secret that the Patriots have been interested in Jeudy over the past two years. They were really in on acquiring him last season until Denver decided he was off-limits. This could be the Patriots' opportunity to get the receiver now, as long as the price tag has decreased.

The Broncos were said to want nothing short of a first-round pick for Jeudy, which the Patriots weren't willing to give up, and they stood their ground long enough for every team to back off. If that is still what they want in compensation, there's no reason for Mayo to entertain the trade.

Regarding Sutton, his value is a bit more difficult to predict, but he sure seems to want out of Denver.

After news broke about Wilson's release, the receiver removed all Broncos affiliation from his social media pages, sparking chaos online about his future with the team. If he isn't on board with the direction they're going in and, therefore, demands a trade, the Patriots should inquire ASAP.

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