Trent Brown's special delivery to Gillette proves he is not committed to the 2023 NFL season

-Does Trent Brown have his priorities straight ahead of the 2023 NFL season?
New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders
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Trent Brown had a brand-new car delivered to Gillette Stadium ahead of the New England Patriots' training camp. I think this "special delivery" proves that Brown is not in the right mindset for the 2023 season. While some may have smiled at the video showing a car delivered to the stadium, I think this goes deeper than just Trent Brown buying a car.

Brown, who surely has millions of dollars in the bank, had a new vehicle delivered to the stadium yesterday, and Patriots' wide receiver Kendrick Bourne uploaded a snippet of the delivery to his Twitter account with Brown in the frame.

The video shows Bourne laughing his rear-end off and Trent Brown with his shirt half-draped on his 6'8", 380lb frame. Both veterans are seen laughing together as the truck driver drops the gate of the truck to unload the car, which looks to be some type of blacked-out sporty SUV.

On the surface, Trent Brown buying a new car is nothing. I bet about 200 different NFL players bought a car this offseason, but considering that Brown missed most of the offseason activities and has training camp around the corner, you'd think he'd be committed to the team and not to having a new car delivered to his workplace.

Why did he need to do this? Why not have it delivered to his house? Why did Brown have to make a whole production of the situation? How many other players in the NFL would put on such an act? There's really not much evidence that Brown has put in much work this offseason, either.

He's obviously struggled a bit with his weight, and you can see his shirtless body in the video. He doesn't exactly look to be super in-shape, but I could be very wrong. Brown is projected to start at left tackle with new free agency addition Riley Reiff manning the right side of the line.

Trent Brown is a very talented, starting-caliber tackle who seems to get in his own way. Hopefully Brown can begin the year in the starting lineup, but seeing a likely $100,000 car delivered to the stadium does not sit well with me, personally.