Trading for Jerry Jeudy is just too good to pass up by the Patriots

Denver Broncos v Jacksonville Jaguars
Denver Broncos v Jacksonville Jaguars / Dan Mullan/GettyImages

After all the speculation regarding the Patriots' interest in trading for Jerry Jeudy last year until this past offseason, Bill Belichick looks to have a path to get a deal done finally.

Although Jeudy has reportedly been part of trade talks since before last season's trade deadline, the Broncos seemed hesitant to move the talented receiver. It was revealed that several teams had reached out to Denver last season to get a deal done, but their asking price was too high, which forced all interested parties to turn away.

Jeudy then became a highly sought-after receiver earlier this year, with new head coach Sean Payton shooting down all rumors regarding his availability. The Patriots were said to be one of the most interested in acquiring Mac Jones' former teammate before that, and now they have the opportunity to reignite those conversations with the latest update on Jeudy's status.

With the need for offensive changes as soon as yesterday, adding a quality receiver to the offensive lineup would begin to put that in motion.

Not only is he a proven player, recording 174 receptions for 2,503 yards and nine touchdowns in four seasons, but his familiarity with Jones is an invaluable aspect that should push their interest over the edge.

The duo were roommates during their time together at Alabama and had one of their most successful seasons playing together in 2019. That built-in chemistry between them would make for an easy transition for Jeudy coming to New England.

It's one of the more apparent issues within the offense, especially with Jones and Smith-Schuster. Jeudy's addition could catalyze drastic change and offensive improvement overall.

If that is the main goal for Belichick and Bill O'Brien for this season, there's no reason not to make the call and get a deal done. The current asking price from Denver hasn't been revealed, but their recent change of heart regarding Jeudy's stance on the team seems to indicate they may be more willing to negotiate.

Since finding the right wide receivers has been a constant issue for the Patriots, trading for a 24-year-old with a relationship with your quarterback feels like a no-brainer. The bigger question will be what Belichick will be willing to give up, but considering the team's current state, there shouldn't be too many demands deemed too expensive.