Top five Tom Brady performances in honor of his birthday

New England Patriots v Seattle Seahawks
New England Patriots v Seattle Seahawks / Tom Hauck/GettyImages

The greatest player in the history of the New England Patriots franchise and the entire NFL, Tom Brady, turned 46 on Thursday.

To honor Brady for his birthday, here's list of his top five best performances as a Patriot. The list is solely playoff games because that’s what made Brady a special player.

#1: 2014 Super Bowl vs Seattle Seahawks

The best performance of Brady’s career was the 2014 Super Bowl against the Seattle Seahawks, and it is what made him the GOAT in my eyes.

Brady went against arguably the best defense of the 21st century, and he came back from a ten-point deficit in the fourth quarter. 

Brady finished the game 328 yards and four touchdowns, with two of those in the fourth quarter. The game was also special as it was Brady’s first Super Bowl win in ten years, and he did it after two heartbreak losses to the New York Giants.

Brady’s elite play in the fourth quarter sparked dynasty 2.0 for the Patriots, which features other games on this list.

#2: 2016 Super Bowl vs Atlanta Falcons

If anyone had doubted that Brady was the GOAT heading into the 2016 Super Bowl, they were left with no argument after the game.

Brady completed the greatest comeback in NFL history as he overcame a 25-point deficit. This game could easily be number one, but a few early mistakes, including a pick-six, has this at number two. 

Brady was spectacular in the second half as he picked apart the Atlanta Falcons' defense and finished with 466 yards and two touchdowns. Brady's throws in the second half were so precise that his receivers had nothing else to do but reach out their hands. 

The victory gave Brady five Super Bowls victories, which was the most for a quarterback at the time.

#3: 2018 AFC Championship Vs Kansas City Chiefs

The 2018 AFC Championship was an exceptional performance from Brady because everyone counted him out. People thought the dynasty was over and that Brady was too old. Brady took it personally and delivered a performance for the ages against the next great quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Brady finished with 348 yards, a touchdown, and two interceptions, but he was clutch in the fourth quarter/overtime.

Brady made every big play down the stretch, and he outplayed Mahomes. It was one of the last great games that Patriots fans have seen and celebrated.

The passing of the torch did not happen that night, even though the whole world thought it would.

#4: 2017 AFC Championship vs Jacksonville Jaguars

In the 2017 AFC Championship, Brady was going up against one of the best defenses in the NFL, and he was without his two favorite weapons in, Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski.

Despite missing his two favorite targets, Brady delivered a legendary fourth quarter that featured him willing the Patriots to victory.

Brady and the Patriots overcame a 10-point deficit in the fourth quarter, and Brady/Danny Amendola delivered fourth-quarter heroics. Brady finished the game with 290 yards and two touchdowns and was off to another Super Bowl.

#5: 2003 Super Bowl vs Carolina Panthers

The 2003 Super Bowl against the Carolina Panthers was where Brady proved that his first Super Bowl was not a fluke. Brady had a phenomenal game and led the Patriots on another game-winning drive to lift the Lombardi trophy. 

Brady finished the game with 354 yards and three touchdowns, withstood a late comeback from the Panthers. The fourth-quarter drive that Brady put together was another sign of how special Brady was going to be.