Top Bill Belichick successor could be available soon for the Patriots

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots
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With just one game left on the 2023 schedule and the meeting between Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft set to occur the following day, the thought of what's to come is dominating New England headlines.

Will Belichick be fired? Or will he retire?

Could Kraft decide to trade Belichick? And if so, where would he be traded to?

If Belichick does move on, who will replace him?

There are a lot of questions that need to be answered, and there is no timetable for when they will come. Despite the end-of-season meeting on Monday, reports state the future of Belichick will not be decided immediately. It's a discussion ownership, and the coach has not talked about it during the year, so no conclusion will be made on Black Monday.

Even with that in mind, more speculation continues to filter out about who will eventually replace him, either as soon as next season or in a few years. There have been a few favorites, but the alleged frontrunner in Kraft's mind is said to be Mike Vrabel.

Whether he would be available has been argued both ways, but the latest update from NFL insider Adam Schefter suggests the door is not shut after all.

"Despite speculation that the Titans are not expected to undergo significant change this offseason, there are expected to be organizational meetings between coach Mike Vrabel and the team's decision-makers to determine whether any notable changes will be made, league sources told ESPN.

There are people around the league who think that either Vrabel would be open to be moved to another team or that the Titans would be open to moving him -- maybe both.

Vrabel publicly has said he wants to remain in Tennessee, but others have wondered how content he is."

Much like the decision in New England, whatever happens between the Titans and Vrabel is said not to be imminent, but rumors have swirled for a few weeks regarding the coach's alleged unhappiness with the team.

Although fans appear on board with him stepping into Belichick's shoes, there is some hesitation as well since he is also a defensive-minded coach. There is a belief that a complete redo of the coaching mindset needs to take place, meaning an offensive-leaning coach would be more valuable to a team like the Patriots right now.

The problem is that the two favorites to take over in Belichick's shoes are former linebackers, which is not exactly a change in how things have been run for the last two decades.

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