Tom Brady's former Patriots teammate calls him a liar over recent comments

Wild Card Round - Tennessee Titans v New England Patriots
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After announcing his official and final retirement from the NFL after 23 seasons, Tom Brady will be moving into the broadcasting booth for Fox Sports to call games this fall.

Since announcing his career transition, the former quarterback has been making several appearances on podcasts and other media outlets, going more in-depth while answering questions than he did throughout his career. With that, he's revealed more regarding his mindset as a player than he ever has, which makes reflecting upon his impressive journey that much more fascinating.

Brady had been tight lipped throughout his tenure in New England, which the Patriots became known for when speaking to the media. It was thought to be led by Bill Belichick, who also kept things short and sweet with reporters. But once we saw the arrival of Tampa Tom, it was clear he would have been more honest if circumstances had been different.

He's continuing that path now in retirement, most recently sharing his biggest career regrets since he has had time to reflect on the entirety of his journey.

During a recent appearance on "The Pivot" podcast, Brady shared how he wished he had more fun while playing football, noting how younger quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes are enjoying their time, whereas he took everything so seriously.

Although it was a simple change he wished he had made, one of Brady's former teammates isn't buying it, and he called him out for his comments last week.

Christian Fauria is not buying anything Tom Brady is selling about his career regrets

Brady's former teammate, radio host Christian Fauria, took to a live microphone last week to discuss the quarterback's comments on regrets. He commented on what Brady had to say and didn't mince words when quickly declaring he was being insincere.

"I think Brady is a liar. When I heard it, I was like, ‘Who’s he kidding? He can’t change. He can’t downshift. This is not who he is. He’s not wired like Mahomes.'"

It's somewhat of an odd response, given that it's not that serious. Brady became known for his competitive spirit, which seemed to be put into high gear during game time. Therefore, it makes sense that the quarterback would wish he had more fun.

But Fauria isn't buying it and feels we all saw Brady have fun over the years and made sure to emphasize that he and Mahomes are incredibly different players.

"I’ve seen him have a great time; I’ve heard him laugh and joke around. But when it came to the game, you could see it during certain passes, or where he won a game or got a first down. He’s extremely happy, he’s celebrating like a little kid, but the reality is he is just wired so differently than Mahomes. Everything about him is different.”

He's right for the most part.

We did see Brady celebrate and appear to have fun throughout his twenty years in New England, but nothing like the fun he had once moving to Tampa Bay. But Fauria seems to have taken the Mahomes comment too seriously, which isn't the focus of what Brady was trying to convey.

Knowing now that he could have fun and enjoy what he was doing while also competing at a high level and winning Championships, Brady probably wishes he had relaxed more when he was younger as opposed to putting so much pressure on himself to succeed.

However, maybe that high standard helped pave the way for the Patriots dynasty, which may not have happened if he hadn't adopted that mindset.

Fortunately, we'll never know, but we'll have six Lombardi Trophies to help make up for it.

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