Tom Brady's return dictates the Patriots picks in final 7-Round Mock Draft

The Return of the GOAT presents great draft options for the Pats.
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Patriots select OT Kingsley Suamataia with pick No. 34

The Patriots' next pick is pick No. 34. Here, they again stay true to course and provide more offensive strength to the now-Brady-led offense. This time, it's in the protection sphere and they select big offensive left tackle from BYU, Kingsley Suamataia. With the departure of Trent Brown, there's a huge hole in the O-line that needs filling. Suamataia is that hole-plugger, at 6'5" tall and 326 pounds. has this to say about the massive BYU product,

"Kingsley Suamataia brings to the draft a solid foundation in pass protection, characterized by his excellent quickness, hand technique, and ability to neutralize edge rushers. His performance in both left and right tackle positions showcases his adaptability and potential to secure the perimeter against the NFL's elite defensive talents...Suamataia has the potential to evolve into a standout offensive tackle in the NFL, particularly in pass-first systems that can harness his excellent pass protection skills from day one."

Add to that the fact that he's just 21 years old and you have the makings of a top protector now, and for maybe a decade for the New England Patriots. It's two-for-two for Eliot Wolf as he stacks up chips in the massive rebuilding of the Patriots' offense.