Tom Brady reveals what he's 'still mad' about from his Patriots career

Wild Card Round - Tennessee Titans v New England Patriots
Wild Card Round - Tennessee Titans v New England Patriots / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

Now that Tom Brady has officially retired and appears to have adopted more of the "Tampa Tom" mindset into his everyday life, we're hearing more and more of his thoughts about his career, including some we thought we might never hear him talk about.

Outside of what is trending right now coming from the new docuseries, 'The Dynasty,' the quarterback's podcast 'Let's Go!' has provided many headline-worthy conversations between Brady and his co-hosts or guests, where he's pretty candid in sharing his takes about his career.

On one of the most recent episodes of his podcast, Brady shares how he's still mad about losing three Super Bowls, doubling down on his previous statements about wanting to trade two of the Championship wins in order to end the 2007 season with a perfect record.

Many Patriots fans would probably agree, especially since it's tough not to feel the eternal "what if?" when thinking about that game.

"I am still mad. Sixteen years later, in '07. I'm still mad, the 2011 Super Bowl, I'm still mad we lost to the [Philadelphia] Eagles. But no, you can't change the outcome and you gotta live with it. Part of being on the great stage is you have a great opportunity to win a ring. The opposite side of that coin is the most difficult loss of your career. Sometimes you've gotta risk a lot, which is a tough loss that you're gonna have to live with, in order to gain something that only one team can achieve."

Is there anything more relatable than this?

Plenty of fans outside New England will tell you to move on from those losses, not just because they were 17 years ago but because the Patriots went on to win three more Lombardi's despite those losses. However, if Brady is still upset about it then that feels like a signal to fans that they, too, can be made about it.

In true Brady form, though, he does put a positive spin on those disappointing moments, crediting those losses to making him work even harder and allowing him to appreciate the road to winning again.

"The only thing I would say from that is that every loss I was a part of motivated me to try harder and do better. And it gave me the perspective that when we did win again, as I did after a 10-year absence of not winning, I appreciated that win more than any other win in my career."

He makes a good point, and it's unsurprising that he has such a good mindset regarding overcoming challenges. But it's tough not to hold onto those losses as a fan all these years later, even if they did win more.

The thought of watching the Patriots complete the perfect season is hard to ignore, especially with how that game finished.

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