Three easiest games on the New England Patriots' 2023 schedule

New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders
New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

The New England Patriots do have a few easier games on their 2023 schedule. Could these three games be guaranteed wins for the team? Well, there is no such thing as a guaranteed win in the NFL, but it's clear as day when a team has an advantage over their opponents.

The Patriots might not be a serious contender in 2023, but they do have a few games on their schedule that truly should not be that tough. The Patriots still have Bill Belichick and a very good defense, which does give them an advantage over a few opponents.

Let's look at what I think are the three easiest games on the New England Patriots' 2023 schedule.

Three easiest games on the New England Patriots' 2023 schedule
Week 6 at Las Vegas Raiders

I don't need to remind everyone what happened the last time the New England Patriots played the Las Vegas Raiders. I do think the circumstances are a bit different for each team heading into 2023. The Raiders downgraded at QB after dumping Derek Carr for Jimmy Garoppolo.

They also didn't add to their offensive line and still have a ton of questions on defense. I think a more efficient Patriots' offense should help them win comfortably against the Raiders.

Week 9 vs. Washington Commanders

This is a game that I am very confident that the Patriots can win. I do like the Commanders' roster very much, but they have huge questions at quarterback and at head coach. It's unknown how good Sam Howell can be and I think Ron Rivera is a bad head coach.

Those two factors alone should help propel New England to an easier win here, especially since they get to play the team at Gillette Stadium. I could be totally wrong here, and an emerging Sam Howell could carve up the Patriots' defense, but I don't think that happens.

Week 10 vs. Indianapolis Colts (Germany)

The New England Patriots get to play in Germany this year, how fun. Fortunately, they get to play a team that is clearly in a rebuilding mode after years of failed patchwork quarterbacks.

Colts' GM Chris Ballard is finally investing a high draft pick on a QB, and perhaps the Colts are a team that becomes viable in 2024 or beyond, but for right now, I think this team is going to end up as one of the five worst in the NFL this year. The Patriots will likely get to face a rookie QB in Anthony Richardson and a rookie head coach in Shane Steichen. This should be a massive advantage that I'd expect a Bill Belichick-coached defense to use.