Things are still awkward between Patriots Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick

New England Patriots Press Conference
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For most of the two decades, Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft spent together in the Patriots organization, it looked like the duo enjoyed each other's company. If that's too much of a stretch, there was a clear mutual respect between them that went beyond Kraft retaining the head coach for so long.

Things began to spiral during the last near-decade, which is suspected to have started due to Belichick's alleged desire to cut or trade Tom Brady after drafting Jimmy Garoppolo. Because Kraft would not even entertain that idea, the quarterback remained. But tensions rose in the years after, when Belichick raised the idea again, among other things.

It's likely one of the foundational reasons Brady decided to leave New England after the 2019 season, on top of other factors like the lack of a great offensive roster and Belichick's reluctance to pay the quarterback a more than fair salary.

Since his departure, the relationship between Belichick and Kraft has changed noticeably, partly due to the struggles of the Patriots team, which inevitably led to a "mutual parting of ways" to start the 2024 offseason.

Then came what many have called an anti-Belichick agenda from the Patriots owner, who seemed to be doing all that he could to paint the former coach as the bad guy but actually did the opposite in the eyes of the fans.

That's why the toast made by Kraft at Tom Brady's Netflix roast this past weekend stood out, as reports implied a complete demise in the relationship between them. It was a good moment for the fans to see, but apparently it wasn't peachy behind the scenes.

The relationship between Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft is apparently still strained

Of the many former Patriots in attendance for Brady's comedy special was Drew Bledsoe and Julian Edelman. The former receiver had the former quarterback on his podcast "Games With Names" this week and of the topics discussed, they chatted about the roast.

Edelman mentioned the tension felt during the event, which Bledsoe confirmed was very awkward. Edelman shared that he even tried to warn Belichick about Kraft's impending arrival to give him a heads-up.

Given how they appeared on screen together to end the show, it seemed like things had been smoothed over, but that wasn't the case.

It shouldn't be too shocking that not everything is as it seems, considering how long it's alleged that Belichick and Kraft had issues with one another behind the scenes. So it makes sense they could pull off what looked like a joyful moment at the roast when, in reality, it was fake.

Hopefully, whatever issues the legendary duo have can be resolved at some point because it was cool for Patriots fans to see everything seem back to normal at the roast this past weekend.

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