The top 5 players the Patriots mistakenly passed on drafting in the past five years

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John Metchie III in 2022

This choice may shock some people since he is yet to take the field in the NFL, but the idea of the Patriots signing one of Mac Jones' Alabama teammates is too good to pass up.

Who doesn't love a successful college quarterback and receiver reunion?

We've seen the success of that over the years, and unfortunately, Belichick passed on the opportunity in last year's draft. Besides Slade Bolden, who went undrafted, Metchie was one of Jones' best weapons throughout college, especially for the championship-winning 2020 season.

Because a lack of quality receivers has been an issue for New England over the years and is consistently mentioned when discussing Jones' performance as the quarterback, reuniting him and Metchie could have been a recipe for success from the start.

Although Metchie had to sit out of his rookie season due to cancer treatment, he is expected to make his NFL debut this fall with the Texans. Had he landed with the Patriots, his presence on the field could be something fans were looking forward to for more than just one reason.

Metchie could have been quickly integrated into a Patriots offense that needs more talent at receiver. Because he already has a rapport with the quarterback, it probably wouldn't take long for magic to happen offensively.