The New England Patriots need their own Taylor Swift moment

Los Angeles Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs
Los Angeles Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs / David Eulitt/GettyImages

Even Matt Nagy’s incomprehensible play calling and very confused playbook haven’t stopped the Chiefs from being the most hyped team in the NFL this season.

Nobody can remember anything Mahomes and the offense have done on the field and this time it has nothing to do with Jackson Mahomes’ Tik-Tok account. Kansas City is the epicenter of the NFL because cameras have been focused on Travis Kelce’s VIP box and the many celebrities gathered within it.

Even Bill Belichick has fielded questions about “Traylor”

And that’s what’s the Patriots need to elevate their season, although in this case, it would provide a distraction from the absolute atrocities the offense has been committing. But who could attract some superstar friends to shift the focus? 

Well, the obvious candidate to rub shoulders with stars of the music business is cornerback (and sometimes receiver) Marcus Jones. Jones reached 9 in the UK music chart back in October with his song “Make it Right”. While Jones is on the IR with his torn labrum, he’s got some time to record some new music and do some networking. We already know Jay-Z is an NFL fan after he was linked to the purchase of the Commanders. And Roc Nation is the NFL’s “Live Music Entertainment Strategist” so it only seems logical that Mr. Beyonce would want to hang out with a budding superstar at Gillette Stadium, right?

Another member of the offense with an albeit very spurious connection to the music industry is tight end Mike Gesicki. Gesicki attended Southern Regional High School in Manahawkin, New Jersey. Turns out that’s a hotbed of notable alum. Gesicki shares his alma mater with “Cymbals Eat Guitars” founder members Matt Miller and Joseph D’Agostini.  Technically they had left the school by the time Gesicki arrived.

But when Miller graduated high school, he went on to Penn State where he became a part of their drum line. And where did Gesicki go to college? That’s right, Penn State. Even if they’ve never met before (and everyone has forgotten Cymbals Eat Guitars existed) it stands to reason they should still all be firm friends.  

They’re not the only talented musicians to attend Gesicki’s high school though. Matt McAndrew, who finished second in season seven of “The Voice” graduated the year Gesicki arrived. But even more impressively McAndrew is currently the lead singer of post post-hardcore band “Rain City Drive”. 

It’s not just (sort of) famous musicians who attended Gesicki’s high school though. There’s also True Blood actor Matt Cook. Cook also appeared in Two Broke Girls and Will and Grace. He’s 39 though, so he graduated 12 years before Gesicki. Yeah, they’re definitely not pals. 

NASCAR Xfinity Series driver Ryan Truex would have attended the school at the same time as Gesicki though. Truex’s older brother Martin, who was named one of NASCAR’s greatest 75 drivers would have left though. And NASCAR drivers aren’t going to attract much attention at an NFL game unless they’re wearing their helmets and driving around the parking lot. 

The real Ace in the hole when it comes to Patriots players with a real connection to celebrities is Long Beach Polytechnic’s very own Juju Smith-Schuster. He doesn’t just share his alma mater with legendary sports stars like Tony Gwynn, Chase Utley and Billie-Jean King. Some real legends of the entertainment industry attended his school. There’s Cameron Diaz, Lita Ford, and the jewel in the crown, Snoop Dogg. Just imagine how many eyeballs would be on the VIP boxes if Snoop turned up with his pals. Maybe he could even call some plays for the offense.