The 4 most impressive Patriots through OTAs (so far)

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Mike Gesicki

The Patriots' free agent signings of 2023 were not deemed game-changing or thrilling, mainly because none were top performers in their position. But stealing Mike Gesicki from the Dolphins may end up being one of the more underrated moves Belichick made this offseason.

After trading Jonnu Smith to the Falcons earlier this year, a significant void was left within the tight ends room. Hunter Henry has been the leading pass-catchers among the tight ends over the last two seasons, but with injury concerns and not much help from Smith during that time, there was a need for another player at the position on the offense.

Now Gesicki may not be the well-rounded tight end people were hoping for since he's not known for his blocking whatsoever, but his receiving skill set is enough to be excited about all he can bring to the field.

Now that he's on a team with an offensive coordinator who has a reputation for using double tight end sets on game day, there's an infinite amount of possibilities in how to include Gesicki, that best utilizes his abilities and create opportunities for Jones.

Through OTAs so far, he's already looking the part and more.

On Tuesday, Gesicki led all receivers in catches from Jones and has worked heavily alongside Henry so far. Jones hinted that the pair will likely continue doing so when speaking to the media last week, suggesting we'll see the return of the double tight end sets seen in the Patriots' past.

"Throughout the years in the league so far, this is my third year, but watching (Gesicki) go against some guys as an opponent was really cool to see. He would make some plays 1-on-1 and down the field, and all that stuff. You can definitely see that translate to here. I think Hunter and him, and everybody else in the tight end room — Scotty (Washington), Matt Sokol, everybody — they’re doing a good job.

I think the biggest thing is molding together. Those two are going to work as a pair. It might be different guys at times, but Mike definitely has playmaking ability. He’s a smart football player, and I’m just excited to work with him."

Mac Jones last week on Gesicki and Henry

How else O'Brien plans to use him on the field is up in the air at this point, and there's not much to look at from last season from Gesicki under Mike McDaniel to guess.

But what we do know is this; he's a great pass-catcher. He can stretch the field. He can create a mismatch when drawing a linebacker or safety since he is the size of his given position. He can make opportunities in the red zone, something the Patriots have struggled with in recent years.

And to top it all off, he can't stop gushing about happy he is to be in New England. That may not mean much to some, but a positive attitude and willingness to learn and improve can go a long way in the NFL, and possibly even further in the eyes of coach Belichick.