The 3 most impressive defensive rookies through Patriots' OTAs and minicamp

Utah v Oregon
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It's still very early in the offseason, and there is plenty of time for things to change dramatically, but from what has been seen at OTAs and minicamp so far, a few rookies appear on the path to solidifying their role for the Patriots' 2023 roster.

Some are obvious, given where they were taken in the draft. And others may come as a surprise.

However, regardless of everything, the possibility of so many rookies impressing New England coaches enough to make the roster should excite Patriots fans, especially since their draft classes over the last few years haven't been all that promising.

Being in a position right now to have around 75% of your rookies make the team is great news and can only lead to a bright future for the team overall.

But let's focus on the defensive rookies first, with three who have already made names for themselves early on in their Patriots tenures.