Tedy Bruschi makes feelings about Bill Belichick clear after latest Patriots loss

Jan 30, 2017; Houston, TX, USA; New England Patriots former player Tedy Bruschi during Super Bowl LI
Jan 30, 2017; Houston, TX, USA; New England Patriots former player Tedy Bruschi during Super Bowl LI / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Among the several debates being had regarding the current state of the Patriots and what they should or shouldn't do the rest of the season has been about whether or not Robert Kraft should make the ultimate move and fire Bill Belichick sooner rather than later.

It's a conversation that will inevitably heat up after the team's latest loss to the Colts, especially after Kraft's reaction to the action of the game made waves on social media.

But the problem with making a decision that significant is the worthiness of that being the fate of such an accomplished head coach like Belichick. Sure, plenty of other coaches have been relieved of their duties during a losing season, but most were not as tenured or respected as the guy in New England, making it seem like a questionable move for any owner to make.

Some have attempted to bypass the idea by suggesting Belichick be stripped of his general manager duties instead, which would make a lot of sense given how poorly the roster building has been in recent years. But to others, none of it makes sense, and it shouldn't even be a conversation right now or ever.

One of those with that belief is Patriots legend Tedy Bruschi. After the Colts got the victory in Frankfurt on Sunday, Bruschi and the rest of the NFL Live panel discussed the idea of Kraft making such a move as soon as this upcoming bye week. The former linebacker stated, "We are not the Las Vegas Raiders, and that is not Josh McDaniels right there," and ended his opinion by calling the discussion "asinine."

He set up the statement by saying he was putting on his Patriots hat beforehand, but is it really that hot of a take?

If any coach deserves to finish a season, wouldn't Belichick be one of the very few exceptions to do so?

No matter what you believe about him now or if you want to see him inevitably fired, Bruschi makes an excellent point about his resume, making him worthy of finishing the season. Randy Moss and Rex Ryan agreed with him, stating he is a legend and deserves to be treated as such. So, it doesn't seem like a controversial opinion to have.

Given the history of Belichick in the organization, his long-standing relationship with Kraft, and all the respect that comes with it, it seems like the wisest choice. The Patriots season is essentially over. They sit with a 2-8 record heading into the bye week, ensuring there's no possible scenario for them to turn the season around.

So Bruschi declaring firing Belichick shouldn't be a debate right now seems more logical than not.