Super Bowl Champion and DPOY calls out Patriots for cheating

Another player has come out to say that the New England Patriots cheated...

Oakland Raiders v Pittsburgh Steelers
Oakland Raiders v Pittsburgh Steelers / Justin K. Aller/GettyImages

Former Defensive Player of the Year and Super Bowl champion linebacker James Harrison recently called out the New England Patriots for cheating. I guess this has become the normal for former players who took brutal losses by the Patriots. In the latest installment of the Patriots being called out for cheating, James Harrison does it.

Harrison, 45, played in the NFL from 2002-2017. He played 14 years of his career with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and took multiple losses to the Patriots during this tenure, perhaps most notably during the 2004 season, where they lost in the AFC Championship Game to the team.

Harrison and the Steelers had two Super Bowl seasons. In 2005, they won the Super Bowl but did not have to play the New England Patriots. They again won the Super Bowl in 2008 and did not have to play the Patriots. Here's where Harrison called out the Patriots for cheating, specifically directing it at Tom Brady:

"From stealing signs at Michigan to stealing signs at New England..."

Obviously, the Spygate scandal was widely covered, and the deflategate scandal was also a notable one. I guess you could argue that the New England Patriots bent the rules to a degree, and it seems like a lot of former players who were beaten down by the team have no issue coming out and plainly staying that the team cheated.

Honestly, I think some of these players just care a lot less than they did. I think when you are actively in the NFL, you have to behave a certain way, and now that they are not playing in the league anymore and are much older, they might feel more compelled to come out and voice their opinion. Well, I'm sure the Patriots fans reading this think James Harrison is full of you-know-what.

The team won six Super Bowl titles in the 21st century and have since fallen off a huge cliff. The team is in need of a huge rebuild, and I'm sure a lot of the players who took big losses to the Patriots love seeing how bad the team is now.