Stealing one player from each AFC East foe to boost the Patriots' roster for 2023

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins
New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins / Eric Espada/GettyImages
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Miami Dolphins - Jaylen Waddle (WR)

This choice may come as a shock, considering his teammate is Tyreek Hill, but in an effort to bring in younger stars that will provide longevity to the Patriots, it makes the most sense to go with 24-year-old Jaylen Waddle.

His age wasn't the only leading factor, though.

His familiarity with catching passes from Mac Jones at Alabama is just as valuable, if not more. And it doesn't hurt that Waddle chose Jones as his preferred college quarterback over Tua Tagovailoa either.

The pair had a phenomenal season together in 2020, Jones's last season before entering the NFL draft. The quarterback had the best year of his college career, ending the season with 41 touchdowns, 4,500 yards, and a 77.4% completion. Waddle also had a standout season, totaling 28 receptions for 591 yards, four touchdowns, and averaging 21.1 yards per catch.

Now move that onto an NFL field, and we could see how much better the two could become since that National Championship winning season.

Since the Patriots' receiving corps appears in flux right now, Waddle would be an instant boost and the WR1 Bill Belichick has been looking for. The chemistry he has already created with the quarterback and his two impressive 1,000-yard seasons in his first years in the NFL would be an epic addition.

If only it could actually happen, though.