Skip Bayless just took his Bill Belichick hatred to a new low

Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots
Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

Since he decided to resign from his new position as the New York Jets head coach and essentially forced a trade to the Patriots instead, Bill Belichick has had an army of haters waiting for his downfall every single year.

Now that he's left the team he helped lead to a dynastic run over two decades, with all signs pointing to him remaining unemployed in 2024, the loudest critics of the head coach have come out of the woodwork with wild takes just to affirm their confirmation bias.

Instead of criticizing the poor personnel hirings he made in recent years or the questionable draft choices and lack of proper roster building for a young quarterback, some members of the media have turned their narratives into outrageous accusations that anyone should find absurd, no matter how you feel about Belichick.

Because that's what he's known for doing and is likely why he remains on television, FS1's Skip Bayless recently spoke about the number of head coach vacancies being filled, yet none of them have chosen to go with Belichick.

As a loud and proud "Tom Brady was the real reason for the Patriots' success and not Bill Belichick" flag bearer, he proceeded to label the accomplished head coach a "glorified defensive coordinator" throughout the twenty-year dynasty in New England.

"In the end, that means he was a glorified defensive coordinator for a dynasty. Because he ran a defense while Tom effectively ran the offense and made all the winning plays to win all those Super Bowls.”

It's fair to criticize what the man did since Brady's exit in 2020, and it's understandable why some felt it was time for Robert Kraft to move on with a new head coach. But to suggest Belichick was nothing more than a defensive coordinator is absolutely foolish, even for Bayless.

Both Belichick and Brady have repeatedly expressed their admiration and respect for one another, even proclaiming they wouldn't have been able to accomplish what they did had they not worked together for all those years. Considering they would know more than anyone else, shouldn't their words be taken as truth instead of trying to make one look better or worse than the other?

Sadly, this is just the latest attempt by Bayless to diminish what Belichick contributed to New England's success during their historic run, and it surely won't be his last. But it would be nice if his co-hosts called him out every time he said something like this because they certainly don't set him straight enough.

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