Skip Bayless actually makes a good point about the Patriots with latest take

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins
New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

After the Patriots completely bombed against a very winnable Saints team on Sunday, there will inevitably be a lot of takes out there regarding the team as a whole, especially surrounding Bill Belichick and Mac Jones.

Most of those conversations will surround their futures with the franchise, speculating what Robert Kraft may decide is the best case of action moving forward.

Other than the fact that many are calling for Belichick's job and Jones to be benched, many factors have impacted the Patriots' performance so far this season, which could ultimately make them a big-time selling team before the trade deadline.

But before even getting that far ahead, many questions are being asked about the current state of the team and what that means for the head coach and quarterback.

One of the more vocal critics of Belichick stemming from his alleged refusal to re-sign Tom Brady three years ago has been FS1's Skip Bayless. And even though his latest tweet is a bit controversial, he may actually make a good point in the end.

Without addressing his assessment of Belichick and Brady, Bayless highlights that it may be time for Kraft to have a difficult conversation with the head coach. What that ultimately leads to is unclear, and it doesn't necessarily mean it should be letting him go, but it seems like now is the time to determine what is causing the team to fail on such a grand scale.

It's unlikely he would make the irrational decision to fire the accomplished head coach in general, especially heading into week six of the season.

Generally, that puts teams in a worse spot than they were prior. However, considering Kraft was vocal about his disappointment with how the 2022 season went and has made it known he wants the team to get back into the postseason, it's hard to imagine he will let all that has happened over the last five games go unaddressed.