Should Patriots' OT Trent Brown be given a contract extension?

New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders
New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders / Chris Unger/GettyImages

New England Patriots' OT Trent Brown is entering the last year of his contract with the team. Should they extend him? This might seem like a no brainer and a big "N-O!" but I would not be so sure about that.

Trent Brown's first stint with the Patriots came in the 2018 season where he started all 16 games at the left tackle position. He then signed a monster deal with the then Oakland Raiders and played in just 16 games in two years for the team.

He then signed with the Patriots in the 2021 season and played in nine games at right tackle. He played in all 17 games for the team in 2022.

What Brown brings to the table is interesting, to say the least. When he's on his game, I'm not sure there are five right tackles better than him. He's also shown the ability to be competent at left tackle at points during his career.

However, when he's off his game, he's quite off and belongs on the bench, not on the field. What I find interesting is that Brown does seem to be penciled in as one of the two starting tackles in 2023.

The team also did not target a tackle in the 2023 NFL Draft, but instead draft three interior offensive linemen. I'm not saying the Patriots need to make Trent Brown a high paid player, but would another two year contract hurt?

What if the Patriots were able to extend him for another two years at, let's say, $7 million per season? Would that be so bad? The team doesn't have a great outlook at this position, and Brown is someone who knows the organization and has shown competence at times.

The Patriots might be able to find someone who is as good as Brown on the open market next year, or they could even target a tackle with their 2024 first round pick if they wanted, but Trent Brown does have a role on this team and I don't think extending him would be a bad idea at all.