Rumor explains why the Falcons changed their mind about hiring Bill Belichick

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With just two remaining head coach vacancies left for the 2024 season, the assumption that Bill Belichick would be on another sideline next year is starting to look like it won't happen. After seemingly winning the Falcons job almost right away, plans apparently fell through, and team owner Arthur Blank chose to hire Raheem Morris instead.

Regardless of his recent record, It became questionable why any team would pass on such an accomplished and legendary coach like Belichick. It's not every day a coach of his caliber becomes available to hire, so passing on him is certainly a choice.

Rumors have begun to circulate about why Atlanta decided to forgo hiring him, suggesting his likely desire to remain in control of roster building and football operations deterred Blank from seriously considering him.

That's what Senior NFL reporter Charles Robinson claims sources close to the situation have told him in recent days.

“While Blank and Belichick apparently never discussed a detailed plan of how a linear chain of command under the head coach would work, the source said meetings with Blank crystalized Belichick’s continued belief that the full scope of football operations, personnel and coaching should be under his decision-making umbrella."

Other rumors have said Belichick intended to bring Josh McDaniels and Matt Patricia with him to whatever team he signed with next, which may also have played a part in the Falcons or other teams looking the other way. Ultimately, hiring a coach with his resume may have been the smart move, but it's also understandable why the idea of him possibly bringing in an entourage of questionable coaches may not be enticing either.

If those rumors were accurate, it seems like a situation Belichick unfortunately brought upon himself. Not every team will be good with bringing in essentially yes men to the coaching staff, nor will they want to give up complete control of the team.

If he could change that mentality, he would indeed find a job. But some believe we won't see Belichick on the sidelines in 2024, and he may take a year off and try again next year instead.

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