Robert Kraft seems to have deceived Patriots fans again

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It has been quite a roller coaster offseason for the Patriots, who were expected to have an exciting one filled with significant changes to get the team back on a winning track.

After parting ways with Bill Belichick and replacing him with Jerod Mayo, heading into free agency with some of the most cash to spend to drastically improve the team, and a top 3 draft pick, it seemed like everything should have gone swimmingly, especially for the new regime in charge.

But that hasn't exactly been the case so far.

A majority of the decisions Mayo and Co. have made were approved by fans, aside from the lack of spending in free agency. But besides that one positive, the offseason has been filled with an anti-Belichick agenda that has really dampened the team's image, especially Kraft's.

The owner has made several negative comments about the former head coach, all of which were exacerbated in the Apple TV+ docuseries "The Dynasty." Fans and players were looking forward to the show, but they were disappointed by Belichick's portrayal.

The hits appear to keep coming, with the latest rumor claiming Kraft actively campaigned against the Falcons hiring Belichick to owner Arthur Blank. Now, Kraft finds himself in another controversial situation based on previous comments made by Mayo regarding the owners' involvement in the draft process this year.

The Krafts reportedly had "no interest" in making football decisions just one month ago

Once Belichick was let go, it was clear the team needed a new general manager since he held both roles during his Patriots tenure. The decision was seemingly made to forgo hiring a traditional GM by putting Eliot Wolf into that role, essentially leaving roster decisions up to him and Mayo.

Because this caused a stir in the media and online, Mayo was asked about how involved the Krafts were expected to be in the upcoming draft, especially since the Patriots are expected to select a quarterback with their first-round pick.

The new head coach assured everyone that the higher-ups had no interest in making football decisions, proclaiming they had entrusted him and Wolf to make the right decisions for the team moving forward.

“Just how I hired Eliot, or we hired Eliot, it’s the same thing. They don’t want to be involved in football decisions. But they have given us the tools to go out there and get the guys that we want. They’ve given us the backing or the confidence to go out there and be aggressive if we are convicted on a player. But, at the end of the day, they don’t want to be involved with football decisions.”

He doubled down on that assertion when asked a follow-up question about the Krafts potentially wanting to "play devil's advocate" for the draft.

“Honestly I’m not sure. This is my first draft as the head coach. Seriously, I’m not sure. But one thing I will say is Kraft family, the ownership has given us the ability to go out there and offer big contracts, to take a quarterback at No. 3, to move down. All of those things are up in the air. Once again, it’s their team but they have entrusted Eliot and myself to put this thing back together.”

That sounds good and dandy until this week's latest update revealed Jonathan Kraft's involvement in draft decisions,

Robert Kraft seems to have deceived Patriots fans, again

According to The Athletic's Dianna Russini, Jonathan is "heavily involved" in the decision-making behind what to do with the No. 3 pick.

It was only at the Annual Owner's Meeting that neither Kraft was said to be involved in football operations whatsoever. Now, at least Jonathan is part of deciding whether to stick and pick at No. 3 or accept a trade offer to move down.

What changed in such a short period of time? And why does it seem like Robert doesn't trust his newly hired head coach and de facto GM?

He's made it very clear that he wanted to see a quarterback drafted with the pick, and all signs have pointed to that happening, so this seems like an avoidable move that didn't need to create more drama for the team.

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