Robert Kraft has controversial reason for not trading Bill Belichick

New England Patriots Press Conference
New England Patriots Press Conference / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

After holding a press conference earlier in the afternoon to address the news of the Patriots and Bill Belichick parting ways, Robert Kraft took to the podium to answer questions from reporters about the decision.

There were a lot of questions needing to be answered, but one of the more pressing ones of all was the decision not to seek a trade for Belichick to take advantage of his value and get something in return. It was one of the most debated scenarios before the news was announced, as most believed it would be foolish not to reap the benefits during a pivotal year for the franchise.

Fortunately, a reporter asked Kraft about that. The owner revealed he didn't consider a trade much before the split, stating it didn't feel right with Tom Brady four years ago and didn't feel right in this situation either.

Given the longevity of their partnership and how unprecedented it is, it makes sense why trying to benefit from the breakup may be viewed in poor taste for Kraft. It was clearly an option since Belichick was under contract for at least one more season, and he could have taken advantage of that to help the team before his departure.

They could have even collaborated in the effort, with Belichick choosing which team he would like to go to and working out a deal that way.

However, it also makes sense why it should have been considered more because of Belichick's value to the league. Although his resume makes him invaluable, this is a business, and everyone has a price. And there are plenty of teams that need a new head coach and would bend over backward to hire one with the pedigree half of Belichick's. So, at least exploring what other teams would offer could have been a good idea.

It could end up being a choice that doesn't impact the team down the road, or it could be something that bites them for years to come. We'll have to wait and see, but let's hope it won't be considered a giant mistake in the future.

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