Robert Kraft could send huge message to NFL by firing Bill Belichick in-season

This move might need to happen.
New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins
New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Honestly, Robert Kraft potentially firing Bill Belichick in-season might end up being a decision that sends a good message to the rest of the NFL. Since the start of the 2022 NFL season, Bill Belichick is an abysmal 9-14 in the regular season. The New England Patriots are just a bad football team, and they have a losing record ever since Tom Brady left for Tampa Bay after the 2019 NFL season.

Brady leaving revealed a slew of roster issues that Belichick is responsible for. His drafting record has proven to be pretty poor, especially on offense. Many of his free agent decisions in the past and present have proven to have not worked out, and his coaching decisions lately have been mind-boggling.

Overall, the Patriots are arguably the worst team in the NFL this year. Both sides of the ball are bad, and especially on offense, that unit is missing a ton of explosiveness and competent QB play. Well, I do wonder how much longer Robert Kraft endures this before making a huge change, and that huge change might be to fire Belichick in-season.

And I think that move could send a great message to the entire NFL. Kraft definitely has a strong reputation among owners in the NFL. I think he' viewed as one of the better ones. He's heavily involved in activism off the field and has obviously overseen the best dynasty in NFL history in which he was the architect of.

After all the success that the Pats had to 20 some years, I think many across the NFL think that Belichick can simply coach the Patriots and act as their GM for as long as he wants, but that should not be the case. Kraft firing Belichick in-season could signal to the rest of the NFL that Kraft simply does not entirely care about the relationship Belichick has with the team or the prior success.

Prior success does not define future success, so Kraft should not latch onto the six Super Bowls in Belichick's tenure. The rest of the NFL; any potential new coaches and GMs in New England might then think that Kraft is fully committed to winning and not really caring as much as the relationships.

It would signal that Robert Kraft is not messing around and wants to fix his franchise and fix it quickly. Jerod Mayo could serve as the interim head coach and would get a head-start on showing the franchise that he could potentially be the next HC of the team. I do think this move could largely have positive ripple effects.