Robbie Gould puts Adam Vinatieri behind another kicker as the best ever

Field kicker Adam Vinatieri (L) of the New England
Field kicker Adam Vinatieri (L) of the New England / DON EMMERT/GettyImages

It's officially Super Bowl LVIII week, and the stars of the past and present are all in Las Vegas to discuss the Kansas City Chiefs vs. the San Francisco 49ers, while the rest of us are at home anxiously awaiting Usher's halftime performance.

With so much happening in Sin City, luckily, FanSided, along with several other publications, is on the scene to talk with some legendary players and get their take on the current state of football. There are a few Patriots there, but they haven't said anything too wild to discuss.

But now, longtime kicker Robbie Gould made a controversial statement when speaking to Sterling Holmes & Special Olympics’ Malcom Harris-Gowdie from Stacking The Box about who he believes the best kicker of all time is.

And to the shock of absolutely no one, he doesn't believe it is Adam Vinatieri.

"Vinatieri is up there, I think Justin Tucker can go in that category, too. You know, Vinatieri has some of the most clutch kicks in playoff history that it's hard to replicate, truly. But Justin Tucker is probably the best kicker ever to play the game."

Now, Patriots fans have a love/hate relationship with the guy who helped secure the first three Super Bowl wins to kick off the Patriots dynasty, mainly due to him leaving for the mortal enemy at the time, the Indianapolis Colts, with Peyton Manning under center.

Of course, fans are forever grateful for some of the most legendary kicks in the NFL's history, but he also chose to sign with their biggest rival, which many have not forgotten.

But with that said, haven't those moments outweighed what Justin Tucker has done in his career? Or even his longevity and the fact he was a significant reason New England won three Lombardi's enough to say he's the GOAT?

It's really all subjective, but this seems like an easy answer, yet Gould disagrees.

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