Rhamondre Stevenson sends a clear message to Patriots fans and teammates

Washington Commanders v New England Patriots
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There is a lot of negativity surrounding the New England Patriots after their latest loss to the Giants, which pushed them to a 2-9 record, something many fans active on social media are not used to. It's uncharacteristic for the historically known successful franchise to be in this position more than halfway through the season, with many looking ahead to the 2024 draft in hopes of a smidge of a silver lining to get them through another disappointing season.

That sentiment is not lost on the Patriots either, who have been noticeably down throughout the year, with injuries and losses piling up and the outside noise trickling into the building.

The good thing is that the team has players like Rhamondre Stevenson, who advocate ignoring what is being said while acknowledging how tough this year has been on everyone, including the fans. He reiterated that when speaking to reporters on Monday afternoon, discussing the hardships of keeping a positive atmosphere in the locker room for the remainder of the season.

"It's tough on everybody - the coaches, the players, the fans, everybody. Just disappointed, but I'm never going to stop. I've never been a quitter and I hope the same for my teammates. We have a good group of guys and I think they are going to keep their head up and stay on the gas."

Fortunately, Stevenson isn't the only one who continues to share this message publicly and with his teammates, which surely can't be easy given the current outlook for the Patriots. But it's essential to do all they can to keep some sort of normalcy behind closed doors, no matter how frustrating or disappointing losing inevitably is.

It's also great to see the running back take a leadership stance on the team as he heads into a contract year in 2024. Stevenson is a player New England should prioritize and be one of the building blocks of the offense when signing players in free agency and the draft.

His presence will become even more critical throughout the potentially significant changes coming to the team, from the roster to the coaches. And hopefully, that's what they will do.

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