Recently retired Patriots respond to lack of invite for 2023 schedule release video

Cleveland Browns v New Enlgand Patriots
Cleveland Browns v New Enlgand Patriots / Tim Bouwer/ISI Photos/GettyImages

With the rise of social media, NFL teams have become increasingly creative in releasing their season schedules every year. Whether in the form of a tweet thread, graphics, or maybe an acted video, teams have upped their game in making the schedule releases more fun for players and fans.

That includes the New England Patriots, who created a scripted video for the 2023 season involving several former Patriots living in a retirement house near Foxboro.

The video's premise begins with Matthew Slater dropping off Devin McCourty at the house, who announced his retirement earlier this year. It continues following McCourty as he tours his new pad and runs into several New England greats.

The legendary Patriots involved date back to the 1970s, like linebacker Steve Nelson, to more recent retirees, like running back James White. Ivan Fears was also featured, along with longtime advisor and fan favorite Ernie Adams, who retired after the 2020 season.

They saved the best for last, though, with McCourty answering the door and being met with Tom Brady asking if there was still room for him in the house.

The response to the video was overwhelmingly positive, but some quickly noticed the absence of a few recently retired fan favorites; Julian Edelman and Patrick Chung.

The following day, both players took to Twitter to respond to their lack of involvement, with Edelman jokingly taking a jab for not receiving an invite. Chung quoted what his former teammate said, doubling down on his disappointment of being left out.

To be fair, Edelman was referenced in the video, being shown on screen seemingly texting McCourty about his arrival at the retirement house.

It's unclear why neither Edelman nor Chung was not involved in the project, but it's difficult to believe it was an intentional slight at either player's accomplishments or contributions during their tenures with the Patriots.

Maybe we will see them at the home opener, as Tom Brady is set to be honored on gameday.