Recent rumors make New England Patriots feel like a ticking time bomb

New England Patriots v Cleveland Browns
New England Patriots v Cleveland Browns / Nick Cammett/GettyImages

Recent rumors swirling around the organization truly makes it feel like the New England Patriots are a ticking time bomb just waiting to go off. The back and forth between Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick genuinely feels like a ticking time bomb that is simply waiting to go off.

The New England Patriots might explode in 2023 and next offseason if things don't turn around. We've touched on the recent drama surrounding Belichick and Kraft, and things seem to be actively getting worse.

It's a classic case of "Yes you are!" "No I'm not!" between these two men. Belichick seems to not be too thrilled that the Patriots' spending in recent seasons is one of the lowest in the NFL. He seems to be blaming Kraft for the lack of spending, or for not being provided those financial resources.

Kraft is essentially saying the complete opposite:

"“He says, ‘He has never come to me and not gotten everything he wanted from a cash-spending perspective. We have never set limits.’ And he further went on to say, ‘Money spending will never be the issue, I promise you, or I’ll sell the team.’ So that’s pretty definitive.”"

Robert Kraft / Greg Bedard

This tug of war and back and forth nonsense from the two most important people in the organization is truly embarrassing to say the least. It's not like we have a backup player publicly fighting with another teammate or rival player. What we have are arguably the two most important figures in the history of the organization bickering back and forth because the direction of the franchise does not look good.

They wouldn't be doing this if the Patriots were in a good spot. The truth is, the New England Patriots do feel like a ticking time bomb. Right now, though, we don't really know for sure when that bomb will go off, or if it even will. The bomb squad may come in and diffuse the bomb, which could be done by the Patriots making the playoffs in 2023 and seeing a revived Mac Jones.

Or, the organizational bomb will explode, leaving certain high-ranking people in the organization likely out of a job. This would likely happen if anything but the playoffs was the case for the team in 2023. It's almost kind of sad to see all of this transpire. What could have been an easy and seamless transition now looks to be turning into a rough break-up.

Who knows, maybe the Patriots will turn this thing around and we'll forget about what's been said this offseason. Or, perhaps not.