Ranking Patriots' last 10 first-round draft picks

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#8. OT Isaiah Wynn (23rd overall in 2018)

The decision to pass on Lamar Jackson in the 2018 draft, not once but twice, for other players, including offensive tackle Isaiah Wynn, was a missed opportunity that could have significantly altered the Patriots' future.

It's not necessarily a wrong move to add depth to your offensive line, as they arguably play the most important part of the team outside of quarterback. However, Belichick was already showing that he was interested in moving on from Tom Brady, yet no one was waiting in the wings to be the next guy up if he had been allowed to do so.

While the Patriots' interest in Jackson was apparent, the Ravens seized the opportunity and traded up to secure their next franchise quarterback. This decision has since proven to be a game-changer for Baltimore, with Jackson becoming a 2-time league MVP and setting multiple records over the last six years.

The Patriots, on the other hand, got four years out of Wynn, who became more of a liability on the field than a help to their offense. He dealt with several injuries during his tenure, racked up countless penalties that negatively impacted the offense more than most care to remember, and never lived up to the first-round draft pick label.

By the end of his time in New England, it was clear he was ready to move on. Even though the Patriots needed help on the offensive line, there was no reason to keep Wynn any longer.

#7. G Cole Strange (29th overall in 2022)

Most Patriots fans will remember where they were when they heard the decision that the team was drafting a left guard in the first round after trading nearly out of it altogether. There continues to be a debate about whether it was worth it, mainly due to how Cole Strange's first two seasons have progressed. And who was still on the board to choose from.

It wasn't just the fans who were taken aback by Belichick's decision. The ripple effect of the draft choice was felt far and wide, with a video of Rams head coach Sean McVay laughing at Strange's high selection considering his position and the projections from analysts quickly going viral after the first round concluded.

Strange's arrival was a much-needed boost for the offensive line, which had been a weak point of the team's offense. He was thrown into the starting lineup from day one of the following season, which began quite rocky and further questioned his selection. However, he showed promise in a series of games before regressing to his early rookie form.

In the two years since he's been an okay part of the line despite ending the 2023 season on injured reserve. He will likely miss time at the start of this upcoming year, which creates even more needs for the offense. This isn't exactly helpful for a player heading into just his third season.