Ranking AFC East backfields heading into 2023 after Zeke Elliott, Dalvin Cook additions

How do the AFC East backfields stack up with each other as we head into the 2023 NFL season?
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2. New England Patriots - Rhamondre Stevenson, Ezekiel Elliott, ???

I'm really not sure who ends up holding down the RB3 role in New England, but you can expect Rhamondre Stevenson and Ezekiel Elliott to get nearly all of the RB work for the Patriots in 2023. Stevenson rushed for over 1,000 yards in 2022 on 5.0 yards per carry, which is efficient production.

Elliott had a career-low yards per carry in 2022, but his elite goal-line running can still keep him employed now and in the future. He's got over 10,000 yards from scrimmage since entering the league in 2016, so his been insanely productive, but he's not nearly the runner that he once was. He's not someone who can hold down a RB1 role anymore, and is best suited as a third-down and goal-line running back, which is what I'd expect in 2023 with the Patriots.

The Stevenson/Elliott tandem does have a chance to be very good, which could help Mac Jones in the passing game.

1. New York Jets - Breece Hall, Dalvin Cook, Michael Carter

The most notable addition that any team has made this offseason is when the New York Jets signed Dalvin Cook. Pairing Dalvin Cook, who has four-straight 1,100 yard rushing seasons and Pro Bowls, is entering a Jets' team that has a ton of other talent on offense for Aaron Rodgers to use. It's clear what the Jets are trying to do:

They want to make life as easy as possible for Rodgers, who had a career-worst year in 2022. By adding Cook and still having Breece Hall in the backfield, this is a Jets team that might not have to ask Rodgers to do a ton in the offense. Hall was recently activated off the PUP list, and he got off to a killer start in his rookie season, rushing for 463 yards in just seven games. His 66.1 yards per game in 2022 comes out to 1,124 yards over a 17-game season, and that was what he was doing as a rookie.

The Breece Hall/Dalvin Cook backfield features two true RB1 players who both can easily take the bulk of the carries in any given week. This, coupled with Aaron Rodgers having a deep core of pass catchers to throw the ball to, make the New York Jets a scary team.