Proposed trade would be a dream scenario for the Patriots to land a top receiver

If Bill Belichick decides to make a big move before the trade deadline, trading with a familiar foe may not be a bad idea.
Las Vegas Raiders v New Orleans Saints
Las Vegas Raiders v New Orleans Saints / Sean Gardner/GettyImages

Hypothetical trades are always interesting to debate or dream, especially when you're a fan of a team like the Patriots, who don't make those types of moves very often.

But that's also why it's not the most fun; the likelihood of Bill Belichick going all-in on a trade is slim, so there's no point in getting your hopes up, right? Probably. And the latest proposed trade doesn't help drive that point home much.

On a recent episode of the Patriots Talk Podcast with Tom E. Curran, there was a discussion regarding the Patriots' current receiving corps and the possibility of Belichick landing a big-name wide receiver before the trade deadline.

Since they lost out in their pursuit of DeAndre Hopkins to the Titans recently; perhaps New England would be more inclined to explore other options during the season.

Phil Perry of NBC Sports Boston floated the idea of Belichick getting in touch with longtime friend Josh McDaniels out in Las Vegas and inquiring about a trade for Davante Adams.

Although it doesn't seem like a likely scenario, and Perry does say he's only using Adams as an example, he also believes if the Raiders' receiver isn't the one the Patriots go after, another receiver of his caliber could catch their eye instead if they're really trying to boost the offense.

"I just wonder if at some point, if there's a big fish out there for them, would they not be interested? Because I just think you need a big fish to become an elite passing game," Perry said.

"And so, does somebody like Davante Adams -- and this is complete pie-in-the-sky thinking, and this is not based on any conversations I've had with anybody. But if the Raiders are 2-6 at the trade deadline, and Davante Adams is clearly upset because they've traded Derek Carr, and now the team has no shot of anything, you've got all this cap space. He's a great player. I'm just using him as an example, but would you try to make a move like that if you are in the hunt and a team like the Raiders or whoever it is, is not?"

Maybe using Adams isn't the best example, be Perry makes a good point.

If the NFL has taught us anything, no one player is untouchable, no matter how good or valuable they are. So the possibility of Adams being traded may seem outlandish and improbable, but McDaniels doesn't shy away from making controversial moves.

Perry also brings up the Patriots' current cap space as a reason to get a trade done for a top wide receiver, especially since it appeared they were making room to offer Hopkins more money. Now that that's fallen apart, they should focus on another game-changing receiver.

Who that could be if not Adams is a debate for another day. But it wouldn't be a bad idea for the Patriots to look into it to give the team and Mac Jones the best chance to be successful in 2023 and the seasons ahead.