Proposed trade has Patriots losing veteran cornerback to AFC foe

Chicago Bears v New England Patriots
Chicago Bears v New England Patriots / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

With the start of free agency just around the corner, there is an increasing focus on who could be cut or traded from the Patriots, along with the names who could make their way to the team. Besides the wishful thinking of several game-changing offensive players finally joining the team, hypothetical trades are becoming commonplace, especially surrounding the talented defense.

That's the direction Bleacher Report took with their recent offseason trade guide, posted this week. They suggested the Pittsburgh Steelers trade for Jonathan Jones to fill their needy cornerback roster.

"Jonathan Jones is 30 years old, and the Patriots are in rebuild mode. They might be willing to part with the veteran if it gives them an extra pick in the draft and saves money."

Typically, a guy like Jones signing a two-year contract just last year would presumably make him safe from being available via trade. However, that was under Bill Belichick, not Jerod Mayo or whoever the eventual general manager may be.

Jones could be on the trade block if they intend to create as much cap space as possible and perhaps go with a younger team. It's hard to say what Mayo's vision might be right now, so this proposed trade can't be viewed as either possible or not.

The significant issue with the trade, however, is the lack of return. The proposal only suggests a possible extra pick as compensation, which would be nice. But if it's in a later round, would it be worth it? Jones's presence will be even more crucial next year with a returning Christian Gonzalez and question marks surrounding the rest of those currently under contract.

Because of that, a lack of sufficient return isn't enticing to make this trade, especially since it appears only to benefit the Steelers.

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