Projecting the Patriots best starting defense for 2024

Going with the defense that provides the best chance to win
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The Patriots have a great chance to win

So there are the 11 starters on defense for the 2024 Patriots. They are Barmore, White, Wise, Judon, Uche, Bentley, Tavai, Gonzalez, Jones, Peppers, and Dugger. If healthy and all perform up to their top abilities, this Patriots' defense has the talent to be one of their best in years. It may also contend for the NFL's top defense, if the only questionable player, Joshua Uche can deliver.

The Patriot defense is the strength of the team. There's no doubt about that. The greater question is whether the new Patriots offense can uphold its end of the bargain. All they have to do is protect the ball and provide the defense with just enough points to win games for them. Think of Tom Brady's 2001 Patriots offense as a perfect example.

After suggesting the starters for both the offense and defense, it's clear the Pats' D is good enough to take them into the playoffs. The overarching question is whether the Patriots will be astute enough to put their offense in the hands of their terrific and unflappable young, rookie quarterback, Drake Maye.

Maye's dual-threat capability to make any pass from anywhere and to run well in any circumstance unquestionably gives the Patriots their best chance to win. They can forget about "rebuilding", the season is 2024, and it's the only one.

Should the Patriots combine Maye's ability to quarterback the offense, with their truly outstanding defense, then don't rule anything out, including a run to the playoffs or more. It's the key decision of the season. Mac Jones did it, why can't Maye? Take this to the bank, if the Pats give Maye the keys to the offense, anything is possible.

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