Predicting 3 new teams for Patriots' QB Mac Jones in 2024 NFL Season

New England Patriots' QB Mac Jones might need to reset himself and play on a new team in 2024.
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2. Los Angeles Rams

I think we are seeing the end of Matthew Stafford in Los Angeles. Stafford has thrown five touchdowns and five interceptions this year. He's thrown 15 touchdowns and 13 picks since 2022. He's older, gets banged up a lot, and isn't really a plus on the football field anymore. Contractually, it's nearly impossible for the Rams to get out of his contract until after the 2024 NFL season.

Even then, they'd have to eat nearly $20 million in dead money to part ways with him. Mac Jones might be the perfect backup for Sean McVay to work with and trot out as the starting quarterback once they move on from Matthew Stafford. I think Mac Jones would have to be open to being a backup for a year or two to rebuild his value a bit.

I don't think any team really views him as a viable starter at this point, but taking a backseat for a year, especially on a team with a wizard offensive mind, could really help the young QB gain his legs back.

3. Minnesota Vikings

I think the Minnesota Vikings are going to try to make a huge move for a quarterback next offseason. Kirk Cousins is a free agent and would be 36 next year. He is not their long-term answer at the position. Well, the Vikings currently hold the fourth overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, which is a good spot to draft a top QB prospect.

They'll need to have some type of a veteran presence as QB2, or as some friendly offseason competition, and that's where Mac Jones comes into play. Jones, I believe, can be a Kirk Cousins-type of QB at best. I think they share the same similarities as passers. Jones is also still on his rookie deal, so he's under contract through 2024 if his fifth-year option is declined, which will likely be the case.

And I think playing in a temperature-controlled dome environment might help Jones play better football. That sounds kind of cheap, but playing in a dome is surely better conditions than playing in a frigid, outdoor stadium.