Potential Tee Higgins-Patriots trade package might be the right move

It certainly couldn't hurt.
Buffalo Bills v Cincinnati Bengals
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Credit where it's due: NFL writers, as a whole, are working overtime to get Tee Higgins traded. The Bengals' star wide receiver – who's been the subject of trade speculation basically ever since they drafted Ja'Marr Chase – is currently set to play next year under Cincinnati's franchise tag. One slight issue there is that players don't super love doing that, which in turn makes for wonderful trade speculation.

And I say wonderful only because this specific time, it's about the Patriots. They've frequently been talked about as a place where Higgins could end up next season, especially now with Drake Maye as QB1.

Our friends over at Bleacher Report took it one step further, though. BR mocked up a whole detailed Higgins-to-the-Patriots trade, and reader, it may be the move.

Potential Tee Higgins-Patriots trade package might be the right move

New England Patriots receive: WR Tee Higgins
Cincinnati Bengals receive: 2025 2nd rounder, 2025 5th, 2026 sixth-round pick

"If the season began today, second-round pick Ja'Lynn Polk would likely be the team's top wideout with a mediocre supporting cast that also includes Kendrick Bourne, JuJu Smith-Schuster and K.J. Osborn. DeMario Douglas would be in the mix after his relatively impressive rookie campaign and fourth-rounder Javon Baker also has a chance to make an impact, but there is still room for improvement ..."

"... This trade package doesn't include a first-round pick, but getting a Round 2 pick from the Pats (likely to fall early on Day 2) and some Day 3 capital is a good bit better than the lone late third-rounder the club stands to gain as a compensatory selection when Higgins departs as a free agent in 2025."

I'm in! Three draft picks spread out over two years, with only one of them coming before Day 3? Again, I am unequivocally in. This is for Tee Higgins, right? The same Tee Higgins who's only 25, averages close to 1,000 yards a season, and has 100+ catches in three of his four seasons? I am in. Bleacher Report needs to make some calls around the league – they can do that right? – and make this happen. Put your money where your mouth is, Bleacher Report.