Possible teams Bill Belichick could coach for in 2025 ranked by likelihood

Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots
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Despite not having a job lined up for the 2024 NFL season, Bill Belichick keeps finding himself in the news this offseason.

Most of the conversation has centered on the unflattering way that Robert Kraft has painted the former Patriots head coach during the Apple TV+ docuseries "The Dynasty" or his comments about his New England tenure. On top of that, the multiple changes to Gillette Stadium to seemingly erase Belichick from existence have gotten people talking, and not in a good way.

Fortunately, Belichick most recently made headlines after his appearance on the Pat McAfee show last week, where he discussed everything from his coaching future, the upcoming draft, and working alongside the show title's namesake this coming week for draft coverage.

But the rumors regarding the potential team he will work for next is what has dominated the news cycle in the days since.

Reports suggest Belichick has told those close to him that he has his eyes set on coaching a team in the NFC East in 2025, narrowing it down to the Cowboys, Eagles, and Giants. He has been connected to all three teams this offseason, so this makes sense, but where will he most likely end up next year?

Let's consider the options and rank them based on the likelihood of it being Belichick's next home.

Possible teams Bill Belichick could wind up with in 2025 ranked by likelihood

#3: The New York Giants

As the newest addition to the list of teams, it's not surprising at all to hear that Belichick might be interested in becoming the next head coach of the New York Giants based on his storied history with the team. It's also one that could see a coaching change sooner than later, with Brian Daboll struggling to get the team back on track over the last two seasons.

During that time, the Giants have gone 15-18-1 with one playoff appearance during the 2022 season when they lost to the Eagles in the divisional round. If John Mara is interested in making a stronger postseason push, perhaps that could make Belichick a frontrunning candidate.

That might be the main selling point for New York since Belichick hasn't exactly proven to be all that interested in being around for a rebuild, and it looks like the Giants are heading in that direction.

Daniel Jones is clearly not the future, and it's hard to believe Belichick would want to deal with building another new offense at this point in his coaching career.

#2: The Philadelphia Eagles

Because of the recent success of the Eagles under Nick Sirianni, it seems unlikely that the head coach will be fired by the end of the 2024 season. The team is built to be successful this fall and will have eight picks to select new players in the draft later this week.

It seems like they will only be a team worthy of consideration if they go completely off the rails, failing to win many games despite their efforts. But even then, would it be enough to fire Sirianni just two years after bringing the team to the Super Bowl?

It's possible, given that team owner Jeffrey Lurie and general manager Howie Roseman are said to be fans of Belichick. When his availability was announced earlier this year, it was reported that Lurie inquired about the head coach's potential fit for the future.

Besides that recent revelation, there hasn't been a lot of credible talk regarding his job security. However, because Belichick is said to be determined to win at least 15 more games to break Don Shula's all-time win record, hiring him will guarantee a head coach ready to compete and put together a team that can accomplish that.

So, it could be worth the risk in the short term for a team that nearly won it all not long ago.

#1: The Dallas Cowboys

Easily the most likely team for Belichick to coach next simply because of their expected circumstances next year and the team owner is the Dallas Cowboys.

It's well documented that Belichick and Jerry Jones are friends and have mutual respect, so much so that the owner even teased hiring him as the head coach despite Mike McCarthy still being under contract for one more year. Based on that and Belichick having the Cowboys on his short list, it looks like a potential match made in heaven.

Even an alleged close friend of the head coach stated they believe he will only coach again in the NFL if it's for the Cowboys.

"A source who spoke with a longtime friend of Belichick said the friend wonders if the coach will have another opportunity: "I don't think Bill Belichick will ever be a head coach again in the National Football League," the friend said. "Unless it's [for] Jerry Jones."

Dallas continues to be an interesting team. Their roster looks built to be successful by winning many games and making deep postseason runs. But they continuously fail to do so, making the idea of a coaching change being the right move seem more clear.

Jones could bring in Belichick to be the hard nosed coach with determination to win and no tolerance for mediocrity. He seems like the type of owner that would be fine with a short term commitment from Belichick, especially if it led to winning.

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