Possible NFL head coach openings Bill Belichick could fill in 2025

It doesn't appear that Belichick will be coaching in 2024.
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Dallas Cowboys

Before Belichick had even officially departed New England, people were chomping at the bit to see him join the Cowboys in 2024. In order for that to have happened, the Cowboys needed to fire Mike McCarthy after their disappointing playoff appearance and that didn't end up going down. McCarthy is getting another year in Big D.

If the 'Boys suffer another embarrassing playoff loss next year, however, all bets are off. Then again, we've been saying this about McCarthy since he got to Dallas and Jerry Jones continues to let him stick around.

It might be more difficult to do so next year if Belichick is the hottest head coaching name on the market and the Cowboys are one-and-done in the playoffs once again. Jones might have a tough time keeping McCarthy if a six-time Super Bowl champion and defensive genius is on the market.