Possible NFL head coach openings Bill Belichick could fill in 2025

It doesn't appear that Belichick will be coaching in 2024.
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New Orleans Saints

Belichick came oh so close to joining the worst division in football but the Falcons went in another direction. The Saints remain his best chance at joining the NFC South in 2025 and that could end up happening if New Orleans puts together another disappointing season and fires Dennis Allen next year.

The Saints went 9-8 this past year under Allen but they had one of the easiest schedules in the league and still finished behind the Buccaneers. Allen is getting a third year in the Big Easy but if the Saints don't make the playoffs once again, it feels as though he'll be as good as gone.

Belichick coaching the Saints could mean that New Orleans runs the NFC South for the foreseeable future, just as Belichick ran the AFC East for most of his Patriots tenure. For this to happen though, the Saints actually have to part ways with Dennis Allen, which isn't a guarantee to happen even if the team struggles in 2024.