Possible NFL head coach openings Bill Belichick could fill in 2025

It doesn't appear that Belichick will be coaching in 2024.
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New York Jets

Let's stay in New York (or New Jersey, rather) for this next entry and pivot to the Jets. We all know that Belichick's time in New England almost didn't happen because he was with the Jets. Fortunately, things worked out for the Patriots and not for the Jets over the past two decades.

What's to stop Belichick from joining the Jets now, though? Robert Saleh and his staff didn't get canned this offseason but if the Jets put together another disppointing campaign, which, let's face it, seems likely, it's doubtful Saleh gets another year to right the ship.

The Jets were favorites to make the playoffs this past season due to acquiring Aaron Rodgers but as we know, he was injured four plays in and the Jets stumbled throughout the season. If Rodgers doesn't play well in 2024 and the Jets suffer yet another losing season, Saleh is probably on his way out and Belichick could have a chance to be the Jets head coach after all.

Patriots fans wouldn't want to see this happen but it's absolutely possible.