Players not named Mac Jones crucial to Patriots' success in 2023

2023 NFL Draft - Round 1
2023 NFL Draft - Round 1 / David Eulitt/GettyImages
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It's very obvious that Mac Jones will be the key to the success of the team in 2023, but who else will hold some of that responsibility? The NFL is a QB-driven league, but there ar so many more factors that contribute to a successful team on both sides of the ball.

Mac Jones and whoever else is playing QB for the team are going to be the main drivers of success for the Pats. The team will go as the QB goes. However, there are a few more players on the roster that will be critical to the team's success in 2023 not named Mac Jones.

Players not named Mac Jones crucial to Patriots' success in 2023
1. Christian Gonzalez, CB

The Patriots' first-round draft pick, Christian Gonzalez, will already have a ton on his plate as a rookie in 2023. He is the perfect CB prospect for this team. The Pats needed size at this position, and Gonzo offers that and more.

Both Patrick Surtain II and Sauce Gardner had excellent rookie seasons themselves, and while I'm not saying that Gonzo will be able to reach their status in short time, I am saying that seeing rookie CBs light it up isn't uncommon.

The Pats' defense was missing a true CB1 in 2023, and if Gonzalez can be that guy, the defense will be an even better unit than it was in 2022. Having someone who is or can be a lockdown cornerback is one of the most valuable things an NFL team can have.