Patriots win in Week 3 could prompt Jets to make a major QB move

Could the Patriots winning in Week 3 come at a cost>
Buffalo Bills v New York Jets
Buffalo Bills v New York Jets / Al Pereira/GettyImages

The New England Patriots playing well in Week 3 and beating the Jets could cause them to make a major QB move, especially if Zach Wilson does not play well. The Pats have beaten the Jets 14 straight times, and Jets' QB Zach Wilson has played abysmally against them. It's to the point where I think if Wilson again plays poorly for the second week in a row, New York could make a huge QB move.

Obviously, Aaron Rodgers tore his Achilles just a handful of plays into his tenure with the Jets, and Zach Wilson had to step in. The only issue is, Wilson is pretty bad and was thoroughly embarrassed by the Dallas Cowboys in Week 2. It's to the point where the Jets' playoff-caliber roster will continue to be wasted by the poor performances of the second overall pick from 2021.

The Jets are 1-1 and will still have to face the following teams in the coming weeks: Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles, Los Angeles Chargers, Miami Dolphins (x2), Buffalo Bills, and the currently undefeated Atlanta Falcons. I say all of those teams to say that the Jets have a tough slate of games remaining on their schedule, and this year was clearly supposed to be one of a few all-in years with Aaron Rodgers under center.

The team also isn't getting younger, so I still think they want to make a run at a Super Bowl or deep playoff run at least given their current roster. They'll eventually have to start handing out more contract extensions, and players like Dalvin Cook who are clearly short-term, high ceiling veteran additions, might not be with the team past this year.

I think if the New England Patriots win their 15th-straight game against the New York jets, NY might be compelled to make a legitimate QB move. There are some somewhat serviceable options left out there that the team might be able to acquire in a trade. I think the biggest move would be a potential trade for Kirk Cousins, who is on an 0-2 Minnesota Vikings' team that looks significantly worse than last year.

The Patriots' beating the Jets in Week 3 may come at a cost.