Patriots vs. Chargers game script leaked ahead of Week 13 matchup

New England Patriots v New York Giants
New England Patriots v New York Giants / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages

At this point in most seasons for the Patriots, they are a well-oiled machine as they continue to add more wins and hope to clinch a spot in the postseason as soon as possible. Unfortunately, as we all know, that has not been the case in recent years, especially this season. And instead of celebrating another win, many fans are starting to celebrate losses since more losses mean an increased chance of solidifying a top-3 draft pick in 2024.

Because of that, seeing New England considered 5-point underdogs at home against the Chargers fills many with joy, as they hope that projection becomes a reality. But historically, the Patriots have fared well against the visiting team, even going 2-0 with Mac Jones under center. So there's still a good possibility they finish Sunday's game with a win.

And then there's this.

Remember when former NFL running back Arian Foster sounded off earlier this year about how the NFL is scripted?

Well, it looks like the outcome of the Patriots vs. Chargers game was leaked on Friday in an image captured by WEEI's Mike Kadlick.

This may be heartbreaking news to all those on the tank bandwagon. Imagine the Patriots beating the Chargers by double-digits after playing as poorly as they have been.

Of course, this is not serious and shouldn't be taken as such. But it would be pretty strange to see this actually come to fruition on Sunday afternoon, right?

Regardless, the Patriots do have an opportunity to get another win on the season, as the Chargers are coming off one of their worst-played games against the Ravens last week. Despite their stacked team on both sides of the ball, they come into Week 13 with a 4-7 record and a similar path throughout the season as New England.

Although Herbert isn't facing the same scrutiny and questions as Mac Jones, many are skeptical of the quarterback's future with Los Angeles. Rumors have been floating lately about him potentially being traded at the end of the season, with even the Patriots as a theorized destination in a Belichick to LA trade.

In an even more similar scenario, head coach Brandon Staley is seemingly in his own hot seat this year despite joining the team just over two years ago. He comes into this matchup with a 23-22 record and no postseason wins with just one game played. A win over the Patriots could do wonders for his job security, even if they aren't exactly an incredibly competitive team at the moment.

So, both teams have a lot on the line from the result of the game, both similar and different, which makes the game even more interesting to watch.

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