Patriots top 5 draft busts -- Where are they now?

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots
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No. 2 -- Sony Michel

Draft Year: 2018
Round Selected: 1
Overall Pick: 31
Current Team: Los Angeles Chargers
2022 Production: Michel had 36 carries for 106 yards with the Los Angeles Chargers

Alternative Pick – Lamar Jackson.

Comment: It’s a crazy thought, but the Patriots might have planned for the Tom Brady succession and drafted a franchise QB in 2018 instead of an ordinary running back.

Lamar Jackson had a pre-draft visit with the Pats, but Bill Belichick’s smiling demeanor during and praise of Jackson after the visit turned out (surprise!) to be more of a bad omen than a good sign as the Pats passed on two opportunities to draft Jackson. Unfortunately, planning was not on the table in 2018, and in 2020 the Patriots went with whoever was available at QB—Cam Newton, in this case.

The Pats missed a great opportunity here to select a potential franchise QB and, instead, chose a mediocre guard/tackle (Isaiah Wynn, not included here but another bust) and a disposable running back in Michel.