Patriots should be calling the Raiders ASAP about getting this massive trade done

Pittsburgh Steelers v Las Vegas Raiders
Pittsburgh Steelers v Las Vegas Raiders / Sam Morris/GettyImages

Because of how the Patriots season has transpired so far, most assume they will be big-time sellers by the trade deadline on October 31st. There is a lot of speculation regarding who Bill Belichick may choose to offer to teams around the league for the sole purpose of piling up draft picks, as it appears evident they will be going full rebuild mode next season.

But something that hasn't been explored much is who they may (or should) trade for.

Maybe it's a silly hypothetical to explore, given the rumors of a possibility they will tank the rest of the season. But when a game-changing player publicly shares his disgruntled feelings about his current team, the Patriots cannot pass up the opportunity.

That's where they find themselves heading into their Week 7 game against the Bills. NFL insider Adam Schefter reported that Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams had expressed his displeasure with his limited usage in last week's matchup with New England. Although Las Vegas scraped out the win, Adams recorded just two receptions, a season-low for the All-Pro.

During his media availability on Wednesday, Adams detailed the basis for his frustration and reiterated his desire to be great because he knows that's what he's capable of, as opposed to just wanting wins during his career.

"I'm a human being and I have extremely high standards for myself in this offense.

I'm sure people are thinking, 'They won the game, why is there an issue?' I mean, you see why it's an issue. Y'all should know who I am, know what I'm about at this point ... when you're a player like me, mentally, my benchmark is not wins and losses -- it's greatness.

So when I go out there, I expect to be able to have that ability to put that on tape and have an influence on the game. That's my purpose for being here. I'm not here just to hang out; I came here to win and to do it the right way."

This isn't the first time he has aired some dirty laundry publicly, as he wasn't shy about sharing his disappointment with the way the Raiders handled his former teammate and friend Derek Carr leading up to the quarterback's release.

On top of that, there have consistently been whispers and reports regarding how the team feels about Josh McDaniels as their head coach, which has always been an issue for him, stemming back to his time in Denver.

If that is the case and Adams eventually lets it be known that he wants out, at least over the next 11 days, Belichick should get on the phone with his old pal McDaniels and talk a trade.

New England may not have an offensive equivalent to send back for Adams, even though Kendrick Bourne and DeVante Parker have been the frontrunners of trade talks. But there have also been rumors of Belichick unloading some defensive talent like Kyle Dugger and Josh Uche, both of whom would need contract extensions with a new team.

Acquiring Adams would be a game-changer for the offense, which has struggled mightily to do much of anything so far this season.

The six-time Pro Bowler may not be a spring chicken, but he hasn't displayed any signs of slowing down and could be an essential piece of the offense whether they stick with Mac Jones at quarterback or completely overhaul the offense next season.