Patriots Rumors: 4 replacements for Bill Belichick

The Patriots could still move on from the long-time head coach, believe it or not.
New England Patriots, Jim Harbaugh
New England Patriots, Jim Harbaugh / David Berding/GettyImages
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At 2-6, the New England Patriots are headed no where, and fast. And, the unthinkable just might be in the future: firing Bill Belichick.

Just a few days ago, we saw reports that Belichick signed an extension. However, insider Albert Breer provided one other detail that no one heard: it wasn't an extension.

Essentially, it was a new deal and nobody knows what year it runs through.

Kind of an odd situation, right?

Well, if it is only through 2024, then the Patriots very well could move on, whether it be firing Belichick or even trading him, believe it or not. Let's look at some possible coaching replacements that would also bring New England into today's era of younger head coaches.

1. Frank Smith, Offensive Coordinator, Miami Dolphins

One of the first candidates that would make sense for the Patriots is current Miami Dolphins offensive coordinator Frank Smith. This would be an interesting move, too, because of the AFC East connection, here. Smith is familiar with the Patriots having been in Miami for two seasons now.

Smith came to Miami along with Mike McDaniel and would bring a similar scheme to New England, offensively, which is something that could be a refreshing change to the Patriots. This team has to evolve on offense at some point, because they seem so far behind where it's trending.

The Dolphins are the no. 1 offense in football this season, and by a long shot. They're averaging over 453 yards of offense per game, and the next-closest is Detroit with 390.6.

Getting Smith to New England could greatly benefit Mac Jones, should the Patriots decide to stick with him. Or, Smith would be able to go out and find his quarterback in the next year or two.