Patriots Rumors: 3 QB trades New England should take a chance on

Should the Patriots try and find an in-season replacement for Mac Jones?
New England Patriots, Ryan Tannehill
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Trade Number 3: New England could kick the tires on Ryan Tannehill

Finally, we come to a trade where the Patriots call Tennessee about Ryan Tannehill. This weekend, the Titans are going to start rookie quarterback Will Levis in place of the injured Tannehill. The veteran quarterback doesn't appear to be hurt badly, thus New England may still want to inquire about a trade.

Tannehill is on the last year of his contract, and if healthy, would be an upgrade over Mac Jones. The past two seasons have seen Tannehill play less than a full season due to injury, which could be due to age (Tannehill is 35). But, again, if he's able to get back to full health, he's worth the risk.

Tannehill trade

If Tannehill isn't healthy enough to trade for, or if the Patriots wanted to go a different route, maybe they ask the Titans about second-year pro Malik Willis. With Levis starting this week, Tennessee appears ready to start the next era of Titans football.

That could include moving on from Willis, whom they could get some decent type of return for considering his excellent preseason and how much he improved over the past year. Belichick has seemed enamored with Malik Cunningham, so kicking the tires on another mobile quarterback could be in the cards.