Patriots Rumors: Jayden Daniels doesn't want to be drafted by New England

NFL Combine
NFL Combine / Michael Hickey/GettyImages

Since the Patriots were announced to hold the third overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, the focus has been on which of the top quarterbacks they would be taking. Because Caleb Williams has been the presumed first one off the board, the other top players, Jayden Daniels and Drake Maye, have rotated nearly weekly regarding who was the favorite to land in New England.

There was a belief a frontrunner may come about after seeing how they performed at the Combine last weekend, but neither participated, so the rankings haven't changed. If anything, Daniels became the favorite again after taking a backseat to Maye in recent weeks, as reports suggested the Patriots were high on the LSU quarterback after meeting with him.

But the latest rumor implies there may be trouble in paradise for Jerod Mayo, at least according to NBC Sports Boston's Phil Perry.

The Patriots reporter joined Tom Curran and Greg Bedard to discuss the Patriots' options for quarterback in the draft now that the Combine has concluded. They shared their thoughts on the gap between who they believe are the top two of the class, Daniels and Williams, compared to Maye, and that's when Perry revealed what he's heard about Daniels' team preferences.

Despite being touted as one of the top 3 players at the position, some on Daniels' team don't want the Patriots to draft him for an odd reason.

The weather, really?

Although it makes sense to an extent since players will want to go to a team they feel will make them the most successful, this feels like a quarterback being picky about where they're going to go. Not every drafted player is used to playing in the climate of the team that drafts them. It's a part of going into the NFL; you don't choose which team you're being drafted to, like picking the college you want to attend.

It could be something the Patriots will consider, as it was a point about Mac Jones in 2021, but it could also be a non-factor if they really believe in Daniels' talent.

How much truth there is to this rumor is hard to say, not just due to the source or the bit of ridiculousness of the whole thing but also because it's another layer to an incoming quarterback class that most will take issue with, with Caleb Williams leading the way.

Hopefully, it's more of an exaggeration than anything, especially since the latest reports claim Mayo and Co. are laser-focused on Daniels right now.

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