Patriots Rumors: Brandon Aiyuk, Tee Higgins, Justin Jefferson and Courtland Sutton

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Justin Jefferson was never offered in a trade package from the Vikings for the Patriots' No. 3 pick

Because the Vikings appeared as the top team looking to trade into the top-3 picks of this year's draft, meaning they would need to get a deal done with the Patriots to get there, there was a lot of talk about Justin Jefferson being included in the trade packages to absolve them from having to include so many draft picks.

The speculation continued the longer an extension with the receiver wasn't getting accomplished, which remains post-draft.

It appears the Vikings are sticking to their stance of not making Jefferson available, as Adam Schefter revealed he was never offered to the Patriots in a trade package.

Although other reports claim the Patriots were hellbent on sticking and picking at No. 3, it is interesting to consider if the Vikings had offered Jefferson if that would've changed their mind at all.

Besides that, believing they would ever trade away their best receiver was probably a dream, even if nothing is ever out of the question in the NFL.