Patriots Roster: Teams may now come calling for Patriots players at deadline

The Patriots have a ton of veteran players on expiring contracts that benefit the team more in trades than staying on the roster.
New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins
New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins / Rich Storry/GettyImages

With the New England Patriots having some veteran players on expiring contracts, I bet other teams will soon come calling to inquire about trading for some of them. The team is now 2-6 on the 2023 NFL Season, and the final dagger has been thrust into the heart of this team.

At this point, we should be keeping an eye on the 2024 NFL Draft and seeing what kind of pick the team gets. They are slowly approaching Caleb Williams and Drake Maye range, and those two players could be the key that unlocks this franchise from the world of suck that they've been in over the past two seasons.

Bill Belichick apparently signed a lucrative contract extension before the season, but I think his position with the organization needs to be put in question. At the very least, the team needs to bring in a separate general manager to run the show. However, I think the best scenario for this team is to send Belichick packing and to bring in a new GM and head coach.

But before that happens, the Patriots need to be huge, huge sellers at the trade deadline and should acquire as many draft picks as reasonably possible. The team, specifically on offense, do have some veteran players who may be perfect fits on contenders looking for help. Players like Kendrick Bourne, Hunter Henry, Mike Gesicki, Ezekiel Elliott, Mike Onwenu, and Josh Uche should all potentially be traded.

I get that they may not get much for guys like Bourne, Henry, Gesicki, and Elliott, but what is the best for this team long-term? Is it best for them to simply let these players leave in free agency or at least get late-round picks for them? Getting a fifth or sixth-round pick for Bourne, for example, may not be that exciting, but it's better than him not re-signing with the team.

The New England Patriots need to have a reality-check conversation with themselves and accept defeat in the 2023 NFL Season.